5 Clever Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

The bathroom can be one of the dirtiest places in the house and also the toughest place to keep clean for long. It can be embarrassing when you receive visitors, and they ask to use the bathroom. Or perhaps you’re the type that cleans your bathroom from time to time, but you’re looking to cut your cleaning time. If you fall into any of these categories, then you’re in luck. In today’s article, we’ll be showing you some clever ways to keep your bathroom clean so that you can spend less time cleaning. I’m sure you’d like to spend less time bent over washing the toilet seat.

How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Always Clean Your Bathroom Walls After Every Shower

Yeah, it may seem counterproductive, I mean you just want to take a bath and leave the bathroom. However, this habit alone will save you a lot of cleaning time Water, soap and body oils are always on the shower walls after bathing. When they get dry, it gets challenging to clean up, and as the dirt and grime from many bath days accumulate, it is even going to get more difficult. So what’s the solution? After every bath, use a few seconds to clean your bathroom walls, it’s still wet, the soap is still fresh, so everything is more comfortable and faster. This also means that you’d always have a clean shower wall whenever you step in and out of your bathroom.

Avoid Brushing While Facing the Mirror

We want to see our faces while we brush, true, but really is that necessary. You already know where your teeth are So to avoid all the toothpaste droplets that stain the mirror, brush facing down, with your face as close to the sink as possible, Wierd right? Yeah, I know, but I have done this for many years, and it has saved me the hassle of always having a dirty mirror after each brushing. After brushing all you need to do is turn on the tap and let the water take the paste and saliva away. And Voila! You have a clean bathroom

Always Keep The Floor Dry

Having wet floors in the bathroom is always unsafe, one could slip on the tile, Wet floors also have a way of making a place look messy. Wet floors are easier to stain, so if you come into the bathroom later with a dirty foot or footwear, the chances of staining increases. Of course, the dirty water stains the tile over time Get a rug and then towel your body dry before you step unto the floor. Or just mop the floor after every bath.

Use Liquid Soap

A handsfree soap dispenser or a hand pump soap dispenser will help erase the need for a soap dish. The dirt which the soap bar and dish produce will be a thing of the past. You’d also have a cleaner countertop. Stash Everything Away Properly One way to do this is to make use of under your sink as storage space, thereby creating space on your countertop. The less clutter on your countertop, the easier it is to clean. Make sure you also keep your cleaning products handy. One suggestion would be under the sink so that you can easily reach them. You can also keep them in any other place that’s easy for you to reach. The idea here is for you to always be able to reach your cleaning products. This will help you clean the mess immediately before you lose motivation.

Practise Minimalism

You don’t have to be a minimalist to do this Look at it this way, too much stuff causes clutter, you want to eliminate clutter. The lesser the clutter the cleaner a place looks. Also, the lesser stuff you have, the lesser stuff you have to clean. So, really you should be a minimalist at least in your bathroom.

In Conclusion

So here are 6 smart ways to keep your bathroom clean. These tips and tweaks if appropriately practiced will not only save you much stress but also give your bathroom that clean look you’ve always desired. And guess what, you’d actually be spending less time cleaning your bathroom, but it would be staying cleaner for longer. If you found the article helpful, then you might want to share it with your friends. You could also drop your comments and contribution in the comment section below.

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